Which Network Administration Jobs Are Your Best Bets for a Secure and Prosperous Future?

If you’ve got the skills to maintain a small business network, then there’s several network administration jobs available to you. But which is your best bet if you’re looking for long-term success in your chosen field?

You can work for a large corporation as an internal network administrator – Land yourself a good position with the right firm, and you might have a bright future ahead… a decent, maybe even great salary… room for growth and advancement… benefits… retirement plans… hopefully even a great team to work with. But while you might get lucky and land a great position with a solid company, the risks often outweigh the potential up-side.

You might have to deal with painful office politics. Over 80% of terminations are due to conflicts with management. Find yourself butting heads with one of your boss’ (and you might have several), you might find yourself looking for a new IT Job.

You could get stuck working on very specific technologies and be very limited on what new things you can learn and grow with.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of getting laid-off or terminated for any other number of reasons, which might have nothing to do with your performance or how well liked you are by your managers or peers. We all know how uncertain anyone is about their job security during these rough times.

You could become a computer consultant for a larger IT Support Company or Managed Service Provider – Again, a position with a good company can offer some very nice benefits, as well as an opportunity to work with a diverse number of technologies across varied and hopefully interesting businesses that will rely on you for supporting their computer systems.

However, the risks of losing your job here are much like you would be facing if working for any other company. Plus, as the technology required for providing outsourced IT Support to businesses is becoming much more affordable and accessible to smaller IT Support providers, larger IT firms are facing tremendous competition from consultants who can offer the same or better level of IT support at a much more competitive pricing. This is forcing larger computer consulting companies or MSPs to continuously look for ways to reduce costs… and often the first place they look is to reduce staff.

This is why I believe that for anyone who has the skill set to support a small business network and is considering their options for network administration jobs should seriously think about becoming their own boss by starting a consulting business of their own.

For the very same reasons that larger IT Support Providers are having difficulty in competing, a smaller firm or even an Independent Computer Consultant can thrive in the current IT support market.

The utilities you would need to provide top-tier IT support services, such as round-the-clock network monitoring and remote computer support are incredibly affordable today allowing you to provide the same services as the big-guys, but at a much more competitive price.

You could also provide a much more dedicated level of service to a small client base, which larger firms would have a difficult time matching.

When you set up your firm on a correct model of flat-fee, managed support, you will be able to generate a reliable, steady and very lucrative income supporting only a small handful of clients.

If you market your services properly to small businesses, your income should not be heavily reliant on any one single company. This way, even if you were to lose a client for any reason, your income would not be dramatically affected and you’ll be able to continue to support yourself while you look to replace your lost customer (which is much easier to handle than finding yourself completely out of a job and without any income at all!).

You’ll also have the benefit of being able to recommend, and therefore install and learn any new technologies you felt would benefit your customers… and your own personal growth. It’s tough to imagine any network administration jobs that could afford you such an unlimited growth potential.

Plus, you’ll be able to be selective about the companies you support and therefore the people who you work with on a daily basis. Set yourself up with fun, progressive clients and every day can be a varied, interesting, enjoyable work-day.

And lets not forget that you call the shots. You set your hours. If you’re doing proper system monitoring and remote support, you will be able to support your entire client base on just a few hours a day… and most of them can be from your kitchen table.

If you’re considering the network administration jobs that are available to someone with your skill set, there are few dream jobs that can provide you with the income potential, growth potential, job security and benefits that starting a consulting business can provide.

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Career Options One Can Explore With a Degree in Business Administration

Success is one thing which is desired by everyone. If you work hard and with dedication, success can be easily attained in the workplace. According to various studies conducted, if you are having a degree you are promoted sooner and you get to enjoy high positions as compared to the people who are not having degrees.

It is a great advantage if you are having a degree in business administration. With an online degree, you don’t have to leave your job or attend night classes to finish the degree. Now, earning an online degree is convenient and you don’t have to leave your home. If you are having a degree in business administration there are many advantages. Business administration is a competitive field to study as it is relevant in every field. Every company functions through comprehension in the business field. You will be learning different topics like advertising, finance, marketing, accounting, and above all business and organizational behavior.

A degree in business administration mainly depends on math but along with that there are various features which concentrate on English. You will be learning how to direct the business to a particular client in order to increase the profits. From a financial point of view, you will get to know how to invest the money sensibly and take right decision for the betterment of the company. From the management point of view, you will learn as how to deal with different people so as to generate business from them. There will be a constant demand for the people having a degree in the business administration. Following are the career options after completing online degree in business administration –

Advertising and Marketing- According to an employment agency, in the next ten years the jobs in the field marketing and advertising are expected to rise by 8% to 15%. You could work with the companies or agencies which deal in advertising, PR services, or marketing. Initially, you can work as assistant product manager and with experience you could become product range manager or director of marketing.

Finance- There are some interesting jobs in finance field. There are different job opportunities in this field like real estate, insurance, banking, corporate finance, investment banking, and financial planning.

Human Resources- With the rising use of technology, outsourcing, and training the field of Human Resource is changing quickly. A career in Human Resources assures you to be busy and completely engaged in the growth of your organization.

Administrative Services- As Administrative Service Managers it will be your duty to make sure that the administrative support team works efficiently. You will be providing solutions for the issues which occur among the staff members. You will have to review the work of the staff, manage quality, conduct interviews, and provide training to the new workers.

Whether you are interested in a corporate job or want to start your own business, a degree in business administration is the key to success.

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Career in Business Administration in The Import and Export Industry

Gone are the days when most of the businesses were one-man army. The owner would keep himself busy looking after most of the business affairs and stay content with doing that only. He was happy to have a strong control on his business activities and smooth operations; expansion was a slow and unintended process. Business Administration and Import / Export were not the common terms.

This is not the case today. Businessmen or businesswomen today are smarter and faster than before. They do not just set off on their journeys without deciding about the destination first. They set targets and chase them with all their might. They do not believe in doing things themselves but have faith in delegating responsibilities and believe in getting works done, in stead. This is where the new roles for Business Administrators emerge.

In current ever growing business environment, there is a great demand of efficient trained Business Administration experts and personnel who can look after day to day business activities, in any given office, independently and efficiently and spare their bosses valuable time to concentrate on core business activities, in stead of involving petty routine affairs.

The good thing about Business Administration skills is that they can be learnt by anyone and practiced in real life. Yes, there are many good colleges and institutes which are running Business Administration courses for individual job aspirants in this field. There are short-term and long-term both the courses which can be joined by individuals. For example MBA is the long term course which may take anything from 1 to 3 years time. Likewise there are Business Administration Courses which may be completed in 52weeks or so and are competent enough to get you a good job on completion.

Globalization is an implied term in businesses today. Internet has made it possible even for small businesses to expand their horizons globally and explore new business prospects. Thus the new age Business Administrators are also expected to possess international trading skills and knowledge of Exporting, Importing, International Marketing, and Finance etc.

The skilled and trained professionals, who have knowledge of Import / Export process get chance to travel globally for business promotions and often get into high profile jobs with excellent income opportunities. The students who can complete an all round Business Administration course from a reputed college or institute become eligible to get a good job with the firms engaged in Exporters, Importers, Trading Houses, Banks, and even with Government Agencies. The trained and experienced candidates may explore possibilities as entrepreneurs and take their business to new heights. They may also decide to take charge of their traditional family business and take it to new heights with their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Attending a Business Administration training program from a reputed business school will equip you with knowledge of local business administration, international trading, Import / Export, accounting fundamentals and global business practices. You also get acquainted with Legal Matters, Finance, Business Plans, Marketing, Sales, Research, Business Technology, Manufacturing and Human Resource related issues and solutions. You, no doubt, grab the attention of higher management with your exceptional management capabilities and ensure your way to success.

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